Blue Technology is a High Quality LED display screen manufacturer of large outdoor and indoor full color LED matrix screens, LED signage and LED screens used for advertising, install to highways, or video screen for stadiums, an exhibition center, airport signs, LED displays for schools, shops and malls to highlight image and services.
Many companies can rely on our LED display screens due to the advanced high quality and stable of its LED products, prices and guarantee. Our LED screen displays can be used in different environment with hardware and physical protection, Our LED display screens are also easy to install, and low cost maintenance ,Power save design is green product
There are many reasons why choosing us for buying our system. Our product are of the highest quality and chosen by large enterprises who are looking for that quality for a competitive price. Our most important keys are the following:
Our product have the High Quality System
Led video screen with British standard (BS476) Fire Retardant material
Power save design Green Product;
Excellent,Technical Innovation;
Price performance ratio;
Contract Performance and Credibility;
LED Displays with high quality and durable material
Ultr-Light and Modular design LED display screens;
Our LED Display Screens have a warranty up to 5 years;
Excellent,quick after sale service;
High expertise and know-how about LED display products;
Personalized sale and less than 24 hours response on all inquiries;
Can customer made special requirement,eg. Sharp,and control interface, protocol
Our LED screen displays are very potential products which can reach a very high quantity of viewers with over 400 meters of viewing distance, depending on the type of LED display, configuration and the strategic place where it is build. Due to the technology used for our LED screen displays, our led display prices still are one of the most competitive prices of the entire LED display screen industry.
If you want to benefit from our large led screen display signs, please don't hesitate to contact sales team and it will be a pleasure serving you.